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Robert Schoen

Bossa Shabbat

Bossa Shabbat is a Friday Night Sabbath Service in Song composed by Robert Schoen, Composer-in-Residence, Temple Sinai, Oakland, California.

The Psalm Project

There are 150 Psalms, and with each musical setting, he continues to be inspired by the words of the Psalmists.

What I Wish My Christian Friends Knew about Judaism

“Written in a breezy, conversational style and laced with humor… delivers precisely what the title indicates. ”

Concert & Chamber Works

Robert Schoen has written a wide variety of musical pieces for a wide variety of ensembles. Listen to a selection of some of Robert’s favorites.

Jazz, Music and Lyrics

Robert Schoen presents a selection of songs performed by an All-Star lineup.

Notes Along the Journey

Robert’s thoughts on a variety of subjects—music, religion, health, finance, etc., as well as his personal reflections on life.

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