The Psalm Project

Contemporary Psalm Settings

In 2005, Robert Schoen received a commission to set Psalm 118 for soprano soloist and choir. Thus began what he now calls THE PSALM PROJECT.

There are 150 Psalms, and with each new musical setting, he continues to be inspired by the words of the Psalmists.

When setting these pieces, Schoen uses a number of translations and interprets the text in an attempt to best convey the primary meaning and significance of each Psalm.

Below are full versions of the Psalm compositions that have been recorded thus far (with others set for recording in the near future). Many of the pieces may be performed a cappella.

If you or your choral group would like to perform any of these pieces and wish to obtain the scores, or if you would like to commission a specific Psalm for your ensemble, please contact Robert.

Personnel: Cantor Ilene Keys, Judy Rosloff, Robin Reiner, Ruben Gomez, Randy Perrin, Valerie Sopher, Cheryl White, Robert Unger, Joseph Amster, Fran Burgess, Melanie Diamond, Joel Siegel, Phillip Rubin (percussion).

Recording Engineer: Jeremy Goody, Megasonic Sound Studio, Oakland, California.

All Recordings Copyright © by Robert Schoen (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

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