Bossa Shabbat

Bossa Shabbat is a Friday Night Sabbath Service in Song composed by Robert Schoen, Composer-in-Residence, Temple Sinai, Oakland, California.

The music combines the Hebrew texts of 15 Shabbat prayers and Psalms with new melodies inspired by Bossa Nova.

Each song may be performed by a soloist, a small vocal group, or a choir of any size. Although a jazz quartet was featured at the original service, accompaniment may be provided by a solo piano or a combo of any number of musicians.

Please view the videos below. The service and the songs are available for performance by you or your congregation.

The Making of Bossa Shabbat

Click on this video to view a short documentary about the Bossa Shabbat Friday Night Service.

Watch the Bossa Shabbat Service

Click on this video to view the performance of the music from the Bossa Shabbat Friday Night Service.

If you would like to watch or rewatch any individual video from the service, they are listed below in order.

Bossa Shabbat Overture

Bossa Nigun

Candle Lighting Blessing

Hineih Mah Tov and Y’did Nefesh

Psalm Medley

L’Chah Dodi

Psalm 92

Psalm 93

Ahavat Olam

Mi Chamochah




Shalom Rav

Mi Shebeirach

Oseh Shalom

Oseh Shalom – May the One who makes peace in the high heavens make peace for us, for all Israel and all who inhabit the earth. Amen.

HaMotzi and Oseh Shalom Reprise

Bossa Shabbat

Get Bossa Shabbat

You can get all the music and arrangements for free!
This includes:
Choral Music, Piano Accompaniments, Leadsheets for a variety of instruments, and Alternate Keys to perform the music of Bossa Shabbat!

Also included is a 28-page service booklet designed and edited by Robert Unger. This booklet includes prayers in Hebrew, English, and transliteration that you may use in designing your own service program.

Don’t have a choir? NO PROBLEM! Solo versions of each Bossa Shabbat piece are available.

Want something special for you, your choir, or your congregation? Contact the Composer Robert Schoen

Robert Schoen is available to appear or play with you congregation.

The Reviews are In!


“One of the most wonderful Friday night services I’ve ever attended.”

– Phillip, Oakland, CA

“My friend took me, and I can tell you that you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this service.”

– Sergio, San Leandro, CA

“I sang in the choir and never had so much fun!”

– Robin, Oakland, CA

Sexy Shabbat at synagogue? Blame it on the bossa nova!

The sanctuary at Temple Sinai in Oakland is not the first place you would expect to hear the tropical Latin beats of bossa nova wading through the room.

Leah Garchik on Bossa Shabbat

“I’m picturing the girls from Ipanema wearing tallit over their bikinis.”

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