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Here’s what I have on my journey, from the top, left to right:

Kelty Salida 2 tent with fly & footprint; Kelty Cosmicdown 20 sleeping bag; 4 1-gallon bottles of water; 2 1.2 liter 45degree SS vacuum water bottles (filled); 3 bottles Gatorade/PowerAde; Neckbone pillow; Tom Bihn Daypack; Tilley Airflo hat; baseball cap; REI Backpacker Weekend First Aid Kit; Wahl Peanut hair/beard trimmer (yet-to-be-used).

Two pair Darn Tough cushioned hiking socks; adjustable cane, ostensibly to ward off dogs, but (the way things are going) may come in handy as a cane; adjustable wrench; duct tape; insect repellent; sunscreen 55; hand sanitizer; moleskin; bear/pepper spray; tripod (getting ready to give this away); TP; trowel; LifeStraw personal water filter (purification tablets are in the first aid kit); generic Flonase; saline rinse packets and syringe (in the event of cold or sinus infection); knee support (just bought it today).

Almonds; peanuts; raisins; dried apricots; honey; peanut butter (both organic & hydrogenated varieties); titanium spork; multi-vitamins & fish oil supplement; two types of crackers; 12 packs of tuna; plastic container; knife; 2 eBags for clothing containing: 2 hiking pants (1 pair convertible); REI silk long underwear; long sleeved merino pullover; 2 pair Ex-Officio boxers (1pr. not shown ;-); 2 white Hanes Cool-Dri long sleeved shirts; bandanna; LL Bean cargo pants; Patagonia jacket; Columbia fast-dry long sleeved dressier shirt; Marmot Pre-Cip rain jacket & pants; Polartec gloves; kippah (you never know); fast-dry travel towel.

12″ MacBook with sleeve; power cord assortment; Freemove safety vest; pink Sharpie I found; notebook; Mophie XXL battery; LE power zoom flashlight (too bright!); Dizaul solar battery; toilet kit case; wallet; Minus33 merino wool beanie; belt; bungee cord; polarized Rx glasses; extra pair Rx glasses; Reef slides/flip-flops; Teva sandals; Ultra TR Trail shoes from The North Face; Pentel pencil; a fine writing implement courtesy of Best Western; Yamaha piccolo (haven’t given it a thought yet); hundreds of cards describing my journey.

Triple antibiotic ointment (aka: Aunt Evie’s boo-boo cream); Vigamox ocular antibiotic (exp. 2011); soap; cortisone cream and Afrin (both from Mexico); pain pills; SPF lip moisturizer; more insect repellent; Vaseline; deodorant; toothpaste, courtesy of my late father; floss; nail clippers; cough medicine, Rx courtesy of my doctor; Cepacol; disposable razors; a book of matches featuring the image of LBJ; some postage stamps and envelopes.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (I’d given this to my father, who carried it for many years); Leatherman Squirt multi-tool; National Parks Pass; tweezers. Next to the bed is Walker, my Runabout Kart designed and hand-built by Roger Berg in Oregon. Not shown: cheddar cheese; iPhone 7+.

Many challenges await me in the next 2-3 weeks. (The photo depicts my breakfast, which looks better than it was.)

(Note: By the end of my journey, many of the items listed above had been sent home. After Cincinnati I carried a backpack and even more items had been discarded.)

@ City of Twentynine Palms

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