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I was joined this morning at the Pacific Ocean (at the foot of the Santa Ana River Trail) by my dear wife Sharon and my longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Bronson Hamada, who lives and practices in Huntington Beach.

Bronson joined me for the first few miles and then he drove Sharon to the airport. I then needed to pick up my kart at the hotel and walk back to the Trail. Although the scheduled walk today, totally along the Santa Ana River Trail, was supposed to be 18 miles, it was actually several miles longer due to logistical problems.

So it was a long day in more ways than one. Add to that the depressing spectacle of so many homeless people living in over a 1,000 tents along my day’s journey.

For now, I managed to complete the first leg of my walk. And my own legs are not happy, let me tell you! I’ve only been walking a day and I’ve already seen a week’s worth of stuff.

@ Anaheim, California

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