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It was nice to freshen up after a day in the tent avoiding the rain.

This morning I walked over to the well-heated bath house, which is just a five-minute walk from my tent. I took a warm shower, shaved, changed clothes, and was ready to resume my journey.

It was a couple of miles, mostly uphill, to get back onto Hwy 69 north, but from there it was clear sailing. The sun decided to come out, thank you!

Todd Peach is a friend I’ve known for over 20 years, although we’d never met! We became friendly as a result of his website that features the lyrics of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, and I’d emailed him with some corrections.

Todd and his wife Sharon live in Seattle, and he’s been following my journey while doing some long distance driving. It turns out that our road trips intersected today, and he met me off a Hwy 69 exit ramp, bringing with him Subway sandwiches, chips, and a Dr Pepper for me. We talked of many things and had a good time before we went our separate ways.

When I exited at 311th St., Rodney Kasitz was waiting in his car to welcome me. I walked a half mile to his house, and immediately felt at home. I put in a load of laundry and we chatted until his wife, Leanne (a veterinarian), and his oldest son, Marcus (a network engineer), joined us in the kitchen. They’d read up on my preferred meal choices and Leanne cooked up delicious fish, rice, corn, and fresh broccoli, and served it with beets Rodney had pickled. It was a wonderful home-cooked meal, and I truly enjoyed it. The conversation jumped between professional practice, world travel, teaching high school, technical stuff, and Boy Scout camping experiences.

Marcus and I then took at look on Google maps and he helped me make some decisions about where to enter and exit the Katy Trail. He also volunteered to get me a new Anker charging device.

The WarmShowers app helped me link up with Deb, who texted to inform me that I’m welcome at her home tomorrow night. Two nights in a row in the homes of generous people. Am I blessed, or what?

17 miles today.

@ Louisburg, Kansas

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