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From the Days Inn in Salem to the Best Western in Flora is 28 miles. It was a long walk.

I left Salem at 5:50 am knowing I’d be on the road a long time, and finally arrived in Flora at 6:55 pm—13 hours total (including  few short breaks along the way).

Had I seen an appropriate spot to camp half-way along the walk I’d have taken it. But I didn’t, so I just kept walking.

The highway shoulder surface itself was not as bad as on some previous days, but one long stretch featured speed bumps right in the center of the shoulder. Sadly, this requires constant vigilance and consumes a lot of energy.

About two-thirds along the way to my destination I encountered John Bayler, who was sitting in his white pickup waiting for me. When I approached he came out to greet me, carrying an SLR camera.

John is the man who manages the US Route 50 Walkers, Bikers and Travelers page on Facebook. He’d noticed me walking, and wanted to get my story and a photo. He’s a friendly guy, and we had a nice chat. John told me about recent walkers and cyclists he’d met. Good to his word, I’ve been posted on his page.

As I finally neared Flora, there was thunder rumbling in the distance, but no rain. Because I walked 28 miles today, my back, hips, and legs took a beating. So I’ve decided to stay two nights at the Best Western.

I’ve now walked over 1,900 miles. I’m closer to my destination than I’d thought.

@ Flora, Illinois

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