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I’ve learned that the day goes best when I get a really early start. So that’s what I did today.

I was on the road by 5:40 am, and walked 22.7 miles to the Super 8 in Olney, Illinois. It’s certainly a budget hotel and not up to the level of last night’s Best Western, but it serves my needs. There’s a Burger King next door where I just had a fish sandwich, fries, a non-caffeinated root beer, and some kind of Hershey’s dessert pie. Keep those calories, protein, and fat coming my way!

I covered the mileage today in 8 hours, arriving at 1:45 pm. I consider that a good day’s walk.

The flies were out in force, and I finally put my bandana (a gift from my son Adam) around my lower face bandit-style, which helped quite a bit. Fortunately for me, the sun was partially hidden by the clouds much of the day, as opposed to yesterday when it was beating down steadily all day. I know I’ll be facing more sun, heat, and humidity in the coming weeks.

I’m hoping that my bedbug bites resolve soon; it’s never fun to deal with such things. Until my Benadryl cream arrives, I’m using 2.5% cortisone cream and Eucerine lotion.

Tomorrow will be another 20+ mile day. I plan to get on the road as early as I did today.

@ Olney, Illinois

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