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Each morning I head out on my journey hoping for no drama. I should know better. The drama finds me.

The Choptank River is a major tributary of the Chesapeake Bay and the largest river on the Delmarva Peninsula, running for 71 miles. In 1985 the Markus Bridge over the Choptank replaced the Harrington Bridge. It’s often called the Choptank Bridge. I can’t find it’s exact length, but it’s long.

I’d almost reached “the other side” of the bridge (maybe 80% of the way) when a black police car with lights flashing (no siren) pulled up in front of me. The officer came out and I smiled as I was informed in a friendly manner by Cpl. Robbie Ball of the Cambridge, Maryland Police Department that pedestrians were not permitted on the bridge.

Then he told me that he would drive me over. “But that means you have to drive all the way back!” “Well,” he replied with a genuine smile, “I can’t back up!”

So once again I was in the back seat of a police car. We talked about my journey and about his own life and career. After making a U-turn at an appropriate spot, he deposited me where I’d been headed. Before parting, I asked if I could take photos and he said yes. (Note: We are now Facebook friends.)

Other than this pleasant encounter, the walk to Cambridge was uneventful. I did, however, stop at Denny’s for a chocolate shake. Yesterday, I ate supper at Denny’s and asked the waiter if they offered a Senior discount. He replied, “No, but we have an Over 55 menu.” Suspicious, I checked online and discovered the truth: what Denny’s does  offer is an AARP discount. And I got it when I presented my card at the cash register, both yesterday and today.

My attention was drawn to an interesting business establishment along the road, but I didn’t stop at the Psychic/Astrologer (even though it’s now under new management).

Upcoming posts in the final days of my journey will include news about the forthcoming publication of the novel I’ve written with Catherine deCuir.

18 miles today.

@ Cambridge, Maryland

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