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Perhaps someone can tell me the difference between Arizona Interstate 40 (it replaced Route 66), which I am not permitted to walk on, and Arizona State Highway 60, which I am permitted to walk on.

Here are the similarities: Each is a 4-lane highway (2 lanes going each way). The Interstate has more traffic, but both have lots of trucks, cars, and motorcycles. The shoulders are similarly wide.

Here are the differences: On the Interstate, the speed limit is higher and you must get off at an exit to get to gas stations, housing, shopping, and office buildings, etc. It’s very, very noisy.

On the state highway, there are occasional stop lights and intersections, and services such as gas stations, restaurants, RV parks, gated housing developments, medical offices, etc. are just off the highway. It’s just very noisy.

In my humble and honest opinion, it is no safer to walk on the State Highway (which I walked on for 18 miles today) than on the Interstate. This annoys me no end.

I’m now in my tent (under a sun umbrella) and sweating profusely. I’m drinking water and Gatorade, have eaten two hot sandwiches (peanut butter & jelly, and American cheese & mustard); each was heated courtesy of the sun. My drinks are cold courtesy of Motel 6 ice and my 45-degree Latitude thermoses.

The walls of a building I passed today featured sculptured images of Kokopelli, the flute-playing fertility deity. I also passed an ADA-compliant curb ramp that was, like Tevye’s staircase, “leading nowhere just for show.”

(Later) The sun is setting and the breeze is picking up. Before I go to sleep I’ll enjoy some Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup and a (hot) grapefruit.

Tomorrow I only have to walk 12 miles to Superior, Arizona. I made a reservation at the Copper Mountain Motel. Amy said she’s putting me in Room 5 and is giving me the hiker’s discount. I deserve it.

@ US Route 60, Arizona

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