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My third consecutive 25 mile walking day was easily the most grueling of the three. It was not as hot as the Mojave, and I’m in better walking shape now than I was then (and perhaps a little smarter as well).

In an attempt to beat some of the heat (ha!), I was on the road at 4:40 am. At 6, a guy in a pickup pulled up alongside me and handed me a plastic bag with two donuts in it, and I thanked him. He said, “I saw you yesterday. You must have walked 20 miles!” “Actually, 25,” I said. He laughed and drove away.

Along with tons of roadside litter, I’ve noticed long strands of blue and white twine in several locations. This string can go on for hundreds of feet, then stop, then reappear. Any ideas?

After another run-in with a dog, I finally reached Taylor Freeze where I had lunch. A couple of truckers recognized “my rig” and we talked.

“You’re carrying a pistol, I’m sure. It’s dangerous out there.” Why did I feel I needed to apologize? (I didn’t tell them about the bear spray or the ballpoint pen.) As they were leaving, the guy said, “Be safe!”

Eight very hot miles later (I kept the bandanna under my hat soaked with ice water), I straggled into the Best Western in Safford and put my dirty clothes in the sink to soak. Then I let my brave feet soak in the pool, followed by the rest of me. No more 25 milers for a while.

@ Safford, Arizona

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