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Ants! Always when you least expect them. (Certainly you never want them.)

After walking 15 miles in unbearable heat, I’d found a suitable site for my tent, set it up, and collapsed inside.

While waiting for the sun to set I FaceTimed with Sharon. Looking over at my yellow squeeze bottle of mustard, I noticed it was completely covered with ants.

They were the little black ones, marching from one end of my tent to the other. Their entrance was a tinyopening in a corner of the tent.

I dropped the phone and grabbed my roll of paper towels. I didn’t have Raid,but I did have Off! After obliterating the invading army and dragging the tent to a new location away from the nest, I sealed the entry hole with duct tape, crawled inside the tent, and collapsed.

Earlier in the day a young woman in a small red car pulled over. She asked, “Are you okay? Do you need a ride?” I introduced myself to Georgianna through the passenger window and gave her a card.

“Thanks for asking but where were you planning to put my kart?” She laughed. “I hadn’t thought about that, I guess. I wish I could give you some money for your trip, but I don’t have much now. Maybe I can mail you some.” “I really don’t need any money, but I appreciate the offer.” She thought a moment and then asked, “How about prayers?” “Perfect! I can always use some prayers!”

Right now I’m praying I got all the ants.

@ Solomon, Arizona

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