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I’m resting—let’s call it recuperating—from the past 40 days.

The journey was not completely over this morning. I still needed to walk eight miles to Duncan. And frankly, those eight miles weren’t easy. I was running on fumes.

I called the Simpson Hotel/Bed & Breakfast in Duncan at 7:30 am and Deborah, the owner, answered. I asked her, “If I were to arrive in an hour, would I be able to get breakfast?” She laughed. “Sure, we can make you some breakfast!”

Arriving hungry and exhausted, I was welcomed by Deborah’s husband, Clayton, who showed me to my room. I immediately fell in love with the old, restored hotel. I showered and sat down alone in a dining room filled with lovely antiques and paintings. True to her promise, I was served a terrific breakfast of multi-grain griddle cakes made with hemp milk and topped with agave syrup, plus a roasted frittata with shallots, garlic, spinach, and cheddar cheese. The whole time I’m thinking, “I want to live here!”

After breakfast I rested and responded to some of the many supportive comments I’d gotten on Facebook. In spite of this support, I only felt a sense of failure and disappointment.

After a late lunch, Deborah and I talked about the town of Duncan, the local culture and community, her grandfather Jack Mendelsohn (who performed with Eddie Cantor and later was a music publisher in Boston), and my exit strategies.

Because of a limited airline flight schedule and the Memorial Day holiday, I’ll be forced to stay here a few days. That’s fine with me; I like it here. How about two months?

This six-room, 100-year-old restored property is situated on a one acre plot that Deborah’s husband, Clayton, transformed with brick structures, a goat cave, pools, an organic garden, and more. When I first entered the town of Duncan I sensed a special vibe. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the energy to explore the town a little. But today it was all about eating, resting, and recovery. And escaping the heat.

@ Simpson Hotel, Duncan, Arizona

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