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I continue to rest and recover at the Simpson Hotel in Duncan, Arizona.

My hosts, Deborah and Clayton, are delightful; I am so fortunate to have been taken under their care. There are other guests to chat with at breakfast, but mostly I rest in my room or sit in the shade of the garden and other structures in the large backyard property, where Clayton is building decorative pools, stone structures, and statuary. He also has a wonderful art studio filled with many of his own creations.

We listened to Berlioz as he showed me some of his projects. Cats, goats, birds, and the neighbor’s roosters and chickens provide plenty to observe and hear.

It is stifling hot today. I ventured around the neighborhood, saw an old fighter jet on display up the block, and bought an ice cream sandwich at a nearby store. It was a short walk. But frankly, it was just too darned hot out there, and I remain quite fatigued.

@ Simpson Hotel, Duncan, Arizona

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