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I have one word for you: Plastic.

Plastic waste has been a concern of mine for decades. (I wrote a term paper about it in 2002 when I was taking a class in California Politics and Public Policy at Calif. State University East Bay in 2002.)

On my walk through California and Arizona in April and May 2017, I saw first-hand the enormous quantity of plastic litter on the roadside–so much that it just made me depressed and sick to think about it.

Now comes this article, which you’d think would be a wake-up call to the world. But it won’t be–that’s the kind of world we live in.

One of my high school classmates, John Tschirhart, a professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Wyoming, talked to me about the plastic particles that can be found in our water supplies and the world’s oceans when I saw him in 2014. I came away with the distinct impression that it’s too late to do anything about this problem. I recommend you read this article and forward it if you feel so inclined. It is an eye-opener.

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