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Sharon and I are in the city of Fez for 3 days as part of our 2.5 week Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Morocco.

Part of today was spent walking through the Jewish Quarter of Fez, which was a fascinating view of an ancient society. We visited one of the two remaining synagogues–Shabbat services are held in Fez on what seems to be an erratic schedule.

We walked down a narrow stairwell to what used to be the mikvah, and climbed (past several occupied bedrooms) to the roof from where we could view the old Jewish cemetery.

Later, after walking through the markets and tours of a tannery/leather factory/retail shop and a fabric design facility, our guide led four of us on a private tour to the Fez residence of Maimonides. The building where he lived now houses a restaurant (aptly named after the famous Jewish physician and philosopher). We went in and took a few photos, but didn’t stay for dinner. The window to Maimonides’ apartment is visible from the street.

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