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Today is a sad and disappointing day for me.

For the second time I’ve had to give up my journey and my long-desired wish to walk across the USA. After over a hundred miles of walking this past week—over 700 total miles total including my attempt last year—I can no longer walk. My left foot is quite swollen and I can’t put much pressure on it.

I went online at 5:30 am, booked a flight home for Adam. He was soon on an 8 am flight from Phoenix to Chicago with a connecting flight to Cincinnati, where he’ll spend his birthday tomorrow with his wife and son. I will forever be grateful for the help he provided in my quest. But I need to get back to Oakland to seek medical care.

I emailed my PCP at Kaiser Oakland, and in a short time he’d responded with a referral to podiatry tomorrow morning. I then checked out of the hotel and, taking breaks along the way, drove home from Phoenix.

Sharon was waiting up for me. I ate some real food, had a few words with the cat, and went to bed.

I want to thank everyone for your kind words, encouragement, and particularly your prayers, which I hope will continue tomorrow as I receive my diagnosis and treatment.

Walking from coast-to-coast is fraught with many obstacles. But I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom and experience: It’s definitely not  about walking.

@ Oakland, California

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