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I slept like a log last night—well, a log who has to get up once or twice to pee. If you have difficulty sleeping at night, I suggest you walk 27 miles during the day; it might help.

It is Saturday, and with no scheduled plans I tuned in to a program you’ve probably never seen—Shabbat services streamed live from Temple Sinai in Oakland.

The highlight of the streamed service (for me—not, of course for the family of the Bar Mitzvah, Zachary, who did a wonderful job) was the “additional few words of Torah” given by Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin. She questioned whether the second set of Ten Commandment tablets offered to the People of Israel was identical to the first set, which Moses destroyed after the Golden Calf debacle. As I pondered my own response to this question, I must admit I’d never thought about it before. That’s why she’s the rabbi and I’m a jazz musician.

Meal of the day: Grilled cheese sandwich, French fries, and a shredded lettuce side salad at El Corral Cafe. Best grilled cheese I’ve had in 65 years. Everything else on the menu was meat-based.

My lunch brings to mind Velveeta, a type of food substance common to my generation. Do people still eat this product?

A freight train just went by 50 yards from my window. I’ve grown fond of trains on my journey; or at least more intimate with them. I hear them in my dreams.

@ Corona, New Mexico

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