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The magic number for today is 27. That’s what the temperature went down to last night (I was in my tent, and the cold just seeped from the ground and woke me up a few times in spite of two layers of ground cloth, tent, and air mattress).

It’s also the number of miles I walked from my campsite to the Corona Motel in Corona, New Mexico. That’s where I am at this moment, lying in bed in the 1950s Room. Each room has a Theme (Jungle, Bikers, ’50s, Hollywood, Beach, etc.).

According to Rhonda, the motel’s owner, there are about 70 students in the entire Corona school system. Not much happening in this little town. Cattle ranching is the major industry.

Twenty-seven is the most miles I’ve ever walked in a day. Highway 54 seemed to go up and down and up and down, but mostly up. I walked from 6:45 am to 5:30 pm. Sometimes the shoulder was great, but often it was one-foot wide or nonexistent. This requires high awareness. My feet and I are tired.

It’s Shabbat and I’m resting tomorrow (a.k.a. taking the day off). So I’ll be spending two nights in this very comfortable room.

Artist of the day: George Carlin. Today I listened to a couple of Fresh Air episodes in which he was featured. I’ve been a fan of his for decades, seen some of his specials, listened to his records, and read his books. He was something special. He died at age 71, exactly the age I am now. A sobering thought.

@ Corona, New Mexico

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