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Today was a day of rest, and I needed it. I drank liquids, ate, and napped. Repeat. Repeat again.

I also did laundry, dipped in the cold pool, and pondered my self-inflicted circumstances. After posting my decision, I received nothing but support from my communities of friends, family, and walkers. Certainly I’m disappointed; but I am also alive to walk another day. When I complained online that my walk would no longer be considered “pure,” Cousin Naomi famously responded, “Pure, Shmure!” Since she’s Canadian and very smart, I respect her opinion.

As a result of an infusion of high fat, high caloric food, I’ve quickly regained some weight. (The elusive six-pack I lusted after for years quickly vanished.) Sadly, I do not feel fully recovered; I know it’s easier to lose health and strength than to regain either. I’ve considered staying here another day. But in the big scheme of things, what difference would it make? I’ll decide tomorrow morning. As my father would say, “Let me think about it.”

The weather is continuing to cool off.

@ Kingman, Arizona

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