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Recap: A few angels intervene, and… Poof!  I’m on the road again.

After a takeout breakfast from Carl’s Jr., I left Motel 6 and resumed my walk on Historic Route 66 at 7:30 am. The great irony is that it was cold: mid-to high-40°s. I was wearing an extra shirt and gloves.

Walking through Kingman, I thought it odd that this portion of Route 66 is also known as Andy Devine Avenue, so I looked it up.

Andy Devine was born in Flagstaff, but grew up in Kingman. I was certainly familiar with him from his role as Guy Madison’s sidekick in the Wild Bill Hickok TV show and from his own children’s show in the late ’50s (Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy!). But his career in film, television, and theater is also quite impressive. Check it out if you’re curious.

Back to me. I felt strong enough to walk this morning and did not want to spend another day sitting around the motel, even though I was enjoying watching the hundreds of beautiful vintage cars (and vintage people) participating in the “Historic Route 66 Fun Run.”

I walked on the sidewalk for a long time, then on the blacktop shoulder, which turned out to be generous. I stopped walking at 3:30 PM only because I did not want to push my luck my first day back on the road. I’m camping on a dirt road between the highway and the railroad tracks near the Valle Vista golf course. Too bad I didn’t bring my clubs. (That’s a joke, which those who know me well will appreciate.)

As soon as I stopped for the day, the sun came out and with it came heat. But it was nothing compared to what I experienced in the Mojave. 18 miles today. Tomorrow I start the climb into the hills. It’s 69 miles to Seligman, and 155 to Flagstaff.

@ Famous Route 66, Arizona

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