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Since it’s 44 miles to my motel in Amarillo tomorrow night, I wanted to do at least 22 miles today. I did 23, and am now in my tent off the side of Hwy 60 in some sort of field, camped next to the inevitable barbed wire fence.

As I was walking today, I had a visit from Senior Special Agent Rick S. of the BNSF Railway Company Police Department (K9 Team). He pulled off the road, rolled down his window, and asked if I was “traveling through.” I assured him I was, and we exchanged pleasantries and business cards. He wished me luck and told me, “Be safe.” I didn’t know that the BNSF Railroad operated its own police department, but I guess it makes sense—it’s a big operation. In fact it’s the largest freight railroad network in North America. It’s parent company is Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (Think Warren Buffett.)

Since I’m now in the Central time zone and it’s Daylight Savings Time, I have to time my arrivals and departures more carefully. If I’m heading to a motel, I like to arrive early, hoping they have a room ready for me. But if I’m camping, I don’t want to have to set up the tent too early, since I’m often visible from the road. I’ve had good luck so far.

Today I walked from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with two breaks. The wind was at my back, the highway shoulders were generally wide, and there weren’t any hills to speak of. The elevation of Amarillo is 3,605’—200 feet lower than Hereford. Compare this to Corona, NM, which was 6,690’.

I try to FaceTime with Sharon while the sun is still up; that way she can see me! We just chatted, and now it’s supper time.

Shabbat Shalom. 

@ Umbarger, Texas

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