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If I had any doubt that God is still enjoying my journey, that was put to rest this morning. A tackle box filled with lures showed up 2 days ago. This morning, 28 miles later, a fishing rod appeared on the side of the road.

As cold, wet, and miserable as yesterday was, today was a sunny, dry, moderate day, perfect for walking. I continue to walk by large fields and ranches filled with cattle and horses.

I was headed to Turkey Creek Lodging, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It showed up as a lodging icon on Google Maps, along with a website featuring a beautiful brick home and a glowing 5-star review.

I called the number advertised, and the woman who answered was surprised to get the call. She also sounded overly cautious, informing me that if I wasn’t legit she was armed. This wasn’t the reaction I’ve come to expect, but reassured her that she needn’t worry about me. She explained that she was “in the middle of renovating” the property, and that the web photo was just a “placeholder.” All of this didn’t bother me, and I told her I’d get there between 2 and 3 pm, adding that I didn’t eat meat.

Before we hung up, she asked, “Do you believe in God?” This was getting interesting. I decided to play it out, and replied, “Yes, but I’m not a Christian.”

“How could that be?” she asked. “I’m Jewish,” I answered.

“Well, Jesus was a Jew,” she said.

“Yes. And Jesus worshipped the same God I do.” With that we ended our phone conversation.

When I arrived at 3 pm, no one was home except a horse and two dogs. The house and yard looked like a junk yard. I waited a while, and tried to call a few times, after which I decided she wasn’t up to dealing with me. I may have fallen for her sham Bed and Breakfast, but it didn’t cost me anything. I left.

A mile up the road I came upon a perfect place to set up my tent. Although the sky is currently cloudless, my weather app predicts showers early tomorrow morning.

17 miles + one scam bed & breakfast today.

@ Harmon, Oklahoma

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