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March only has five more days to go out like a lamb. It’s not doing a very good job complying.

Last night I camped behind a collapsed wooden structure in a small field across Hwy 60 from Perk’s Convenience Store and the Church of the Nazarene. When I went into Perk’s earlier in the afternoon, I saw they had two prepackaged tuna sandwiches in the cooler. I bought one yesterday and the other (for the road, after eating breakfast there) this morning.

During the first few hours of walking today it was cold, overcast, wet, and windy. For the remainder of the 14 miles I did today it was sunny, cold, overcast, and windy.

Covering my upper body were four layers: long sleeved white Hanes undershirt; blue REI silk long sleeved undershirt; black Paradox merino wool shirt; and a blue hooded Marmot rain jacket. I’m also wearing Marmot rain pants over my versatile Columbia cargo pants. I’ve got a Minus 33 merino blend cap on, and Merrell waterproof shoes over my Darn Tough wool-blend socks.

The problem is my Eddie Bauer “Thinsulate” gloves. I should have brought the heavyweight mittens I used (one time only) for snowshoeing. But I keep telling myself that eventually March must go out like a lamb!

I entered Oklahoma this morning, and the first difference I saw was a significant narrowing of the shoulder. (Sigh.) This just means more vigilance is needed on my part (as well as by the truckers and motorists). Also, the railroad and Hwy 60 seem to have finally parted ways near the Texas border. Fine with me!

There was a choice of one motel in Arnett, OK, and I’m in it. The room is warm and dry. Period. My gear is drying out.

@ Arnett, Oklahoma

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