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When I left Vici this morning at 8:30 am, a dense fog enveloped the area. I proceeded with extreme caution.

Drivers were moving slowly and their lights were on. The first hour was tedious—I moved off the narrow shoulder and onto the grass whenever an oncoming vehicle approached. I’m taking the “Be safe” advice seriously.

The sun finally broke through, burning off the haze and making my job only half as difficult. The shoulder rarely got wider. I was on constant alert during my 21 mile, 9 hour walk to Seiling.

At one point a sweet woman named Geneva stopped and got out of her car to chat. When I told her about my walk she offered me some cash. I thanked her and gave her my card. She looked at it and said, “My daughter uses Facebook and all that stuff.”

When I arrived at the Seiling Motel they were expecting me—I’d mentioned my walk when I’d made my reservation. To my pleasant surprise Sheryl and Vance, the managers, comped my room for the night! It’s a clean and efficient space in a well-run local motel. When you’re in Seiling, I recommend that you stop by.

Tonight is Erev Pesach, the first night of Passover. I won’t be attending a Seder, and in respect for the holiday I ate dinner before sundown at the Subway conveniently located across the street.

While some laugh (or even scoff) when I tell them I like eating at Subway,  I reply that I can get spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and jalapeños or other peppers on a tuna sub, often for less than $6. This is a perfect meal for a vegetable-deprived person such as myself. (Although it may seem there’s a Subway in every town I visit, I only wish that were true! When one does not eat meat and is traveling through the beef capital of the world, Subway is a happy sight.)

(Sharon’s “care package” containing matzoh won’t arrive for a couple of days. In the meantime I’ll be observing Passover mostly by “wandering.”)

Artist of the Day: Dave McKenna (1930-2008) was well-known for his solo work and “three-handed” swing style: a walking bassline, mid-range chords, and an improvised melody. Dave does a great version of  ’S Wonderful by the Gershwins. He was incredible!

@ Seiling, Oklahoma

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