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What a beautiful day to walk!

Given the difficulties I encountered yesterday, I was seriously thinking about taking a “day of rest” today, and just hang out in my motel room. But when I learned that the sun would be shining all day and the wind would remain under 10 mph, I prepared myself mentally for what would be a long walk. I wanted to get to the small motel located in the town of Pond Creek.

And that’s where I am now, surrounded by the wood paneling one only sees in these vintage, small-town motels. But it’s clean, the bathroom fixtures, microwave, and refrigerator are up-to-date, and the Wi-Fi is better than in most chain motels I’ve stayed in recently. So, I’d have to say that the 25 miles I walked today were worth it.

Leaving Enid, I went through some pretty neighborhoods. Some of the streets were even designated as bike routes.

After several miles I encountered a McDonalds and ordered a second breakfast (“Egg McMuffin, hold the meat”). On my way out I chatted with a bunch of locals (“seniors” like myself) and told them about my Dad and my journey. One of the guys, wearing a Korean War Veteran cap, asked how old I am. When I told him, he laughed. “Only 71? Ha!”

When I finally got to Hwy 60 (going north), I walked on the parallel service road for 5 miles. The rest of the way featured a wide shoulder. While it was occasionally crumbly or bumpy, I’ll take a 6 foot-wide, less-than-perfect shoulder over a new, 4 inch-wide shoulder every time!

Nothing much happened today; I just walked and walked.

The Podcast of the Day (on Radio Lab): The story of the first female gondolier in Venice. But that’s not what it’s really about at all. It’s a fascinating story.

Although tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, rain is predicted for Friday. And lows of 21° are expected for the following day. I have some logistical decisions to make. If I don’t make them, they’ll be made for me.

@ Pond Creek, Oklahoma

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