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At 2:30 am I was awakened by loud voices coming through the adjoining door to the next room at the motel. It’s at times like these I miss sleeping in my tent.

To avoid confrontation with the idiots next door, I put on my pants, walked to the front desk, and once again changed rooms in the middle of the night.

My first task after breakfast was to walk three miles to the Bedford post office where the counter person, Cathy, actually packed all the items I was sending home and sealed the box up while asking me about my trip. It was the best post office service I’ve ever received in my life.

As I made a quick side trip to McDonalds for two egg sandwiches, it started raining and continued on and off all day.

Up and down hills and around curves I went once again. It is beautiful countryside.

I stopped to sit and chat with Shane, Brandon, Rachelle, and their goat, Gabby for a few minutes. A few miles later, I saw a man walking toward his front door after taking his mail out of the mailbox.

I called out, “Excuse me!” and Larry greeted me with a smile. After quickly explaining my situation, I asked if he’d permit me to pitch my tent somewhere on his lawn. “Sure! Do you need an extension cord? Bottle of cold water?”

Later, I spent an hour chatting on the back porch with him (he operates heavy equipment) and his son, Hunter, who’s taking classes in medical billing and coding, and loves to sing (supporting roles in 4 musical productions in high school, including ‘Grease’ and ‘Cinderella’). Hunter was very interested in my music, journey, and blog.

In spite of the heat, humidity, and on and off rain, I walked 19 miles today.

@ Medora, Indiana

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