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I could have just stayed in bed this morning, but I didn’t. I had much to think about and some important decisions to make.

After breakfast I headed back past the large homes in Indian Hill to the Little Miami Scenic River Trail, but this time turned right onto this wonderful “Rails-to-Trails” paved path.

After several hours I ended up at the Growler Stop, a gas station and convenience store that’s rebranded itself as a craft beer bar. I called Adam to pick me up while I ate one of their craft pretzels and a non-craft A&W Root Beer.

While walking, I’d made the decision to go ahead and get the equipment I’ll need to resume my walk to the Atlantic without my kart. Thus I’ll need, at minimum, a backpack.

Adam drove me first to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bought a decent backpack (nothing fancy—I’ll only need it for 6 weeks) and a new pair of Merrell waterproof shoes in a larger size than the three pair I’ve been wearing; they’ve begun feeling tight and uncomfortable.

What they did not have was a “bivy bag,” which I’d like to use instead of a tent (it’s much lighter). It took a while, but I finally found the one I want at REI. The Outdoor Research Helium Bivy is lightweight, and I’m psyched and more confident because of it. We’ll see if it solves my camping-related concerns.

The thought of pushing my faithful kart 600+ more miles on the hilly roads of West Virginia and beyond has been concerning me. I just hope my back, knees, and shoulders can tolerate the pack. Meanwhile, I’ll do my best to minimize the weight and contents. I resume my trip the day after tomorrow.

10 miles added to my journey today. Rain is on its way.

@ Newtown, Ohio

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