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There was no reason to walk on a highway today, but I still wanted to make some “progress.” Therefore I’m counting the 14 miles I walked today as part of my journey east. When Adam drops me off Saturday on Hwy 50, we’ll pick a drop-off point that takes into account the miles I walk today and tomorrow.

I wish every day’s walk could be as pleasant as today’s. First, I passed through the Indian Hill neighborhood, filled with large homes on large grounds. Adam tells me many professional athletes and other wealthy Cincinnati residents live in this area.

Seeing a sign directing me to the Little Miami Scenic River Trail, I went in that direction. Originally a railroad track, it’s been reclaimed for recreational use, similar to the Katy Trail but with asphalt paving. Much of the trail was in shade, and it was well-maintained. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Walking on the trail and not having to push the kart is helping to convince me that now is the time to ship my kart and most of my stuff home and walk the final miles less encumbered. Sadly, motels are still few and far between. This is what makes a cross-country trip on bicycle more feasible than traveling by foot.

I continued to the town of Loveland, where Adam met me for lunch at Paxton’s Grill (plenty of vegetarian choices). I had a delicious dish: portobello mushrooms with spicy hummus, some kind of soft cheese, and broccoli.

After lunch we went next door to Loveland Sweets—the owner is one of Adam’s clients. While they talked business, I had a cup of the most incredible Girl Scout Mint Cookie ice cream! The offerings are the stuff that makes candy store dreams a reality.

Adam is the owner of WeGo Unlimiteda thriving web design, brand identity and marketing solutions agency. He has clients from coast-to-coast.

14 miles today.

@ Cincinnati

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