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As I walked through Clarksburg I was happy I was not pushing my kart. There’s absolutely no shoulder at all. It’s just three lanes of traffic rushing in each direction. The narrow border of grass next to a cement barrier is barely wide enough for me to walk on.

That said, I often miss what was in the kart: my tent; cans of soup and other food items; extra water; and the camp stool, which provided a nice place to sit when I took a break.

Everyone who told me that West Virginia is beautiful was right. The trees, hills, and sky all are gorgeous.

This morning, even under the picnic table shelter, my bivy was wet, and that’s how I had to pack it. I encountered rain a couple of times today, but had my rain jacket handy. Over the next week or so I’ll probably be rained on regularly.

The next 125-150 miles will be a challenge, since motels as well as places to buy provisions will be very limited or non-existent. That’s what’s on my mind right now. But I can begin to see the end in sight. With all I’ve endured over the months, another few weeks is not significant.

I’m listening to an audiobook, “The Litigators,” by John Grisham. I’ve read it before, but it’s my favorite Grisham book, and one of the more humorous he’s written.

Today at the Subway/pizza place I chatted with Eric and two of his co-worker/friends. As I said yesterday, people work hard, and are pretty much all friendly, generous, and kind.

15.8 miles today.

@ Bridgeport, West Virginia

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