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Highway 50 in West Virginia is mostly a long, winding, hilly, country two-lane blacktop road.

Fortunately for me, it’s been a gray, cool, overcast day—perfect for walking. And I have a lot of walking to do.

I stopped at a Family Dollar and picked up a bunch of protein bars. Then I went to the McDonald’s and ordered an Egg McMuffin. I’ve noticed that even gas stations are rare at this point.

Sitting and resting at a church picnic table, I watched a truck crew repainting the double yellow line down the middle of the road. There’s not a great deal of traffic; the paint appears to dry quickly.

Internet connectivity is poor here in the middle of nowhere. I can see from the map that I need to clock another 5-6 miles today to keep on schedule, so once again, I’m off.

I stopped at the “Company’s Comin’ Diner” where the best buckwheat pancakes in the world were served up by two “older” ladies. Think “Aunt Bea.” (They’re probably both my age, but I didn’t ask.)

I’m set up for the night, camped behind a gospel church on a side road. As predicted, my internet connection is very weak. But I did send a text with my location to Sharon, and was then able to get through on the phone.

The hills are not particularly steep, especially compared to California, Arizona, and New Mexico, and my feet are no worse than a few days ago. West Virginia continues to deliver gorgeous scenery. A big red dog followed me for a while, and I had to chase it off. The backpack is becoming more bearable.

I walked 24 miles today. I’m headed toward Winchester, Virginia.

@ Fellowsville, West Virginia

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