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I’m glad this Days Inn has a Jacuzzi; I was sitting in it five minutes after I checked in. This morning when I started out, the wind was wicked, and the cold never let up.

Oklahoma must know that I’m still in town. There was a Freeze Warning to start off my day, and yet another Freeze Warning is in effect for tonight through tomorrow morning. Temperatures are predicted to go down into the 20°s. I plan to not leave the Days Inn until the temp gets up at least into the 30°s!

Today’s route played some tricks on me (e.g. no shoulder), but it was only for about five miles, and no law enforcement happened my way. I did come across a beautiful snake, though.

The city of Miami (pop. 13,570) has an interesting if not unusual history, judging by this: “… (Miami) was settled in a business-like way by men of vision who looked into the future and saw possibilities. It didn’t just grow. It was carefully planned.”

I have altered my planned route, and will be heading north into Kansas before heading east to Missouri, eventually getting on Hwy 50. My preliminary research indicates this should be a better walking route. We shall see.

17 miles today.

@ Miami, Oklahoma

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