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I tried a new footwear strategy today, and had some success. Until it rained.

I wore my Reef slides today for about 16 miles. They’re like flip-flops but without the toe separator. When it started to rain I switched back to my waterproof Merrells. This is the only footwear I’m now carrying.

Today I listened to the conclusion of the well-written and performed audiobook bio of “John Quincy Adams” by Harlow Giles Unger. I knew little about him, but came away incredibly impressed with John Quincy Adams. Sadly, he was not very successful in his attempts to be “America’s President.” It was also sobering to hear that the congress of his day was as polarized and ineffective as it is now.

I stopped for buckwheat cakes and eggs in a diner. Meh. I’m spoiled forever by the ones I had at the “Company’s Comin’ Diner.”

I found a place to set up the bivy under one of those picnic overhangs in Capon Bridge. Tomorrow I enter Virginia. (I can see it from here!)

I walked 19 miles today.

@ Capon Bridge, West Virginia

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