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After an enjoyable breakfast of a veggie omelette, veggie sausages, biscuits, and fruit, I said goodbye to the Historic Rosemont Manor.

Once again I walked on the sidewalk for a couple of miles, and then encountered a narrow shoulder and heavy traffic. Fortunately, the rain (50% chance) never materialized. Wearing my Reef slides with two pairs of socks, I walked in relative comfort, and eventually arrived in Purcellville. There I treated myself to a chocolate malt at Market Burger.

A few minutes later, in walked my Wantagh High School classmate and kindergarten girlfriend Betty (Bladykas) Gleason along with her daughter Kerry. It was great to catch up on what’s happened to us in the last 50+ years, and our travels, interests, and personal histories. She lives in Florida but is in town for her grandson Ryan’s high school graduation.

Kerry, her husband Daniel, Betty, and I went out for a really good pizza dinner. For dessert I ate some of the terrific chocolate chip cookies baked especially for me by Betty.

Early tomorrow morning, on the way to Ryan’s high school graduation ceremony, I’ll be dropped off in Purcellville where I’ll get on the W&OD trail for a traffic-free walk to Leesburg.

I found a Sacagawea dollar on the road today. It’s now my good luck piece.

16 miles today.

@ Loudoun County, Virginia

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