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Christine dropped me off at my daughter’s home in Silver Spring at about 8:30 am. I said hello and goodbye to my son-in-law, Zak, and my grandsons Leo and Solomon (Marna was out), left my backpack with Zak, and headed out on the road to put in some walking miles.

The next couple of days are supposed to be warmer, so I want to get my walking in early.

Today’s walk was, frankly, dull. Some sidewalks, some narrow shoulders, some busy streets. Strip malls and stores, city traffic, lights and noise.

I’m listening to an audiobook bio of Charlie Parker, “Kansas City Lightning,” by Stanley Crouch. This made the walking slightly more tolerable. It was interesting to hear that Bird and my father were both born in 1920. Parker died at age 34. (My father died at 96.)

After walking to Lanham, Maryland, I took a Lyft back to Silver Spring.

Zak is a bassist, and his older son, Leo is learning the guitar. Leo and I jammed for a while on “Autumn Leaves.” Solomon (Solly), my youngest grandson, hung out while we played some music. My daughter, Marna, is working late, so the guys and I went out to Subway for supper.

12 miles today.

@ Lanham, Maryland

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