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I saw my daughter Marna for a minute before I left this morning. Later this afternoon we’re all going out for pizza and salad to celebrate Father’s Day, and I’m looking forward to that.

I am also looking forward to my tour of the Naval Academy tomorrow. I’ll be having lunch with Gordon Peterson, an Academy graduate and career Navy officer. I’ll then meet up with Ray Parks, an optical colleague, and his wife Marlene, and spend time with them as we drive over the Chesapeake and later share a meal.

I have a good idea where I’ll be each night next week, and that’s comforting.

Now I’m just relaxing, reading the most recent book (“The Wanted”) by Robert Crais, one of my favorite popular authors. It features a very cool detective, Elvis Cole.

Except for one challenging stretch, walking to Bowie, Maryland was easy. And at this point, what’s a challenging stretch to me? Ha!

Tonight I had an opportunity to speak about my journey with a group of my daughter’s co-housing neighbors. Many of the questions they asked are answered on my Frequently Asked Questions page:

10 miles today.

@ Bowie, Maryland

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