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This morning I looked at as I do most mornings, and found a video episode of “How I Work,” which I particularly enjoyed. Scott Wiener operates in NYC, and began his video with a reminiscence of how, as a boy, he’d bought his first lunch, a slice of pizza and a Coke, for a dollar.

I smiled to myself. BFD. I remember walking home from Wantagh High School with my buddy Ronnie and stopping off for a slice and a Coke on the way:  25 cents.

While all this reminiscing was going on, I happened to be in Berkeley picking up color photocopies at Krishna Copy. I hadn’t had a slice and a Coke for years, and here I was, very close to Arinell’s Pizza, the closest thing to NY pizza I’d ever found in California. I walked in, placed my order, and paid. Five bucks.

The slice of pizza was okay, but it didn’t even come close to the pizza of my youth. Frankly, neither did the Coke. Really, how could they?

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