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I want to thank my friends, old and new, for your caring support, for cheering me on, for your thoughtful comments, and for continuing to worry about me during the 170 days of my journey. This includes my friends and relatives, and classmates from Wantagh High School, Boston University, UC Berkeley, and CSU East Bay, as well as professional colleagues and fellow musicians from the past and present.

I also want to thank the many Angels-on-the-Road for your genuine and unselfish generosity shown to me, and for pretty much everything.

So many Temple Sinai congregants have been there for me—online and off. Cantor Ilene Keys, you know how much I love you. Rabbi Yoni Regev, you are so incredible.

Rabbi Jackie Mates-Muchin, you hold a special place in my heart, and your prayers and confidence in me continue to keep me going.

I was asked hundreds of times about how my wife felt about me being away for so many months. Sharon always supported me on this journey. That’s the kind of wife she is and why I love her. We communicated almost every day and she is and always has been my rock solid support for over 35 years.

My sister Eve (chief worrier and forever funny and upbeat); my daughter Marna (making the world a better place); my son Adam (he amazes me constantly, I’m so proud of him); they were always there for me.

Catherine deCuir, my talented and sunny music and writing partner, carried on a busy performance schedule without me, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

And Graciela, our Mexican cat, suffered during my absence and has been ill. But she is now napping comfortably.

My car battery is recharged, I’m digging through the mail and papers that have accumulated, and I worked out this morning (8 pull-ups instead of 50, but that will change).

Watch for the book about my journey, On God’s Radar, as well as the release of The Rabbi Finds Her Way  in 2019.

Thanks again to everyone who has shared this experience with me!

@ Lake Merritt, Oakland, California

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