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Today was pretty much gloomy and overcast, preceded by some wicked cold this morning. The problem with having to get into the tent in the early afternoon is that you’re stuck there until 8 or 9 in the morning. I spend much of that time trying to keep warm, often without success. For whatever reason, 27°F keeps following me around.

So tonight I’ve put up the rain fly for the first time, hoping it will help. Because I’m camped in a public picnic area, I’m not happy about not being able to see out. It’s a compromise, like much in life.

The Kelty Salida 2 tent is brilliantly designed and relatively simple to set up. I told Sharon that if the sheriff or police hassle me, I’d just ask them to arrest me—there’s no place to camp on this long stretch of highway. Welcome to my world.

Today it was 13 miles of walking up and down hills, taking occasional breaks alongside Hwy 60, and listening to music and Fresh Air episodes.

My weather apps are predicting rain on Sunday, and colder on Monday. The challenge of this walk is there’s only so much one can do for protection from the weather, and I’m as prepared as I can be. But I am so looking forward to March going out like a lamb.

Musical selection of the day: Prokofiev’s Overture on Jewish Themes. Please take some time to listen to this wonderful piece. I think you’ll love it too!

@ Highway 60, New Mexico

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