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It is noon, and I’m sittin’ and waitin’ for the predicted rain, sleet, and (maybe tomorrow) snow. Nothin’ yet, just gray clouds and 25 mph winds. Looking at my app, it predicts rain (51%) from 1 until 4 pm. (I keep thinking of Bill Murray’s weatherman character in Ground Hog Day.)

I just walked across the street to Dominos and picked up a nice Mediterranean sandwich and green salad. Now I’m looking at my proposed route east on Google maps. While it’s difficult for me to be sitting here going nowhere, my body (if not my brain) does need and deserve a rest. Everyone worrying about me will surely agree.

Staying in a motel is a mixed blessing. The people next door were playing bass-heavy music until midnight; I had to call the front desk twice. At 2:45 am they were still “active.” By 10 am, they were gone. Being in my tent is often a welcome relief from real life.

Part of my day was filled trying to make sure I was not charged for the motel I didn’t stay in last night. I called Wyndham Hotel Group and finally reached a person who processed my concern and gave me a record number. Also, the charge has not shown up on my credit card bill. Yet. I’ll keep an eye on it.

(Later) It’s 8 pm, and we’ve had some light rain, a drop in temperature, gustier wind, and what the weather app is referring to as a “Wintry Mix.” Sounds like an anti-tropical drink, but is actually a mixture of precipitation.

A Freeze Warning is on until 10 am Saturday morning, and they’re still predicting a 50% chance of sleet and snow at 6-8 am. I’m sure it will be cold and windy. Not the greatest weather for walking. Or camping.

But…do I really want to hang out in this motel room for yet another day?

As I post this, I’m preparing for a barrage of recommendations urging me to stay where I am.

@ Ponca City, Oklahoma

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