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Tonight I was in a race with the setting sun. The sun won.

The promised/threatened snow finally did arrive early this morning, leaving its evidence on the windows of vehicles parked in the motel lot. I decided that in spite of the low temperatures, I didn’t want to spend another night in Ponca City. So I bundled up and headed out after breakfast.

It was not a difficult walk today; it was just a long walk, over 11 hours on the road. The appropriate places to set up my tent came too early, and then I had to walk in the last rays of the sun, finishing up the day’s walk in the dark.

I’m now in my tent, on a county road off Hwy 60, close to wind turbines and oil rigs. A few trucks pass by, but no one pays me any attention.

Another dog followed me for several miles today, but I finally managed to chase him off.

Tomorrow I should be in Pawhuska. 27 miles today.

@ Shidler, Oklahoma

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