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Along with the good news that the flies have pretty much flown away, the highway shoulder seems to have been transformed. No more irritating grooves to hinder the kart. How long will this last?

The heat continues. My head sweats; I wipe it off. Repeat.

I’m drinking water all day long. Sometimes the clouds block the direct sun. Other times the sun just beats down. Temperatures were in the high 80°s today. Rain was predicted, but did not materialize—yet.

Using what was offered from breakfast, I made an omelette sandwich to-go for lunch. Along with a protein bar and some trail mix, this kept me going all the way to the Baymont Motel in Washington, Indiana. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, when I crossed the Wabash into Indiana yesterday I moved into the Eastern time zone.

Today I listened to several podcasts as well as a fun Marc Maron interview with Cheech & Chong. I remember listening to their albums and watching their movies. The story of how the two met and became successful is interesting.

A package from Amazon was waiting for me when I checked in today. It contained mosquito netting that I had desperately needed a few days ago, and Benadryl anti-itch cream, which I immediately applied to my bites.

Planning for more than one or two days in advance is next-to-impossible. And now that the temperatures are again getting into the 90°s, I’m not sure I can force too many 25 mile walks. It’s just too exhausting. And then there’s the humidity.

19.2 miles today.

@ Washington, Indiana

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